• Do I keep focus to infinity?

    Short answer: Yes

    Long answer: Yes, the conversion kit contains a new mount which replaces the old mount and compensates the difference in the distance between the back of the lens and the sensor (film).

  • How do I know which mount I have?

    Canon had 3 different mounts before the EOS range. These are the FL, FD and FDn (or new FD). Usually the FL and FD can be identified by the markings on the front of the lens. If FL is printed on the ring that surrounded the lens, it is an FL. The same with the FD. Also the mounts differ. Below is a picture of the 3 different mounts.

  • What material do you use to make the conversion kits?

    We switched from brass to a special polymer from which each individual part is milled. This material is more durable than the metal conversion kits that are out there.

  • I want to buy a kit for an old Canon or Minolta lens but it is not in the shop.

    If the kit is not available in the shop that might be because it is not possible to convert it or we haven't got around to make a kit yet.

  • Do you include the lens?

    No. Lenses are not included in the kits.

  • I have a different brand Camera

    All our conversion kits are based on the Canon EOS system. At this time we only make conversion kits for converting old Canon lenses to the Canon EOS system. There are no plans yet to make kits for other brands.

  • I have an extender - 1.4x or 2x. Can I use it with the converted lens?

    If you have an extender for your EOS lenses, you can only use the kits when a AF confirm (Dandelion) chip is placed on the mount. We only make the conversion kits and the chip is not included. The mount has a marking where the chip can be glued. As an alternative you can tape up the contacts from the extender on the camera side to disable recognition of the extender by the camera.

  • Do your kits have an AF confirm chip?

    No, we stopped adding the chip for various reasons. One reason is that we have to charge extra just for selling them and warranty. Some customers even asked to send the kits without the chip.

  • Do you offer conversion service?

    Yes we do. We have 2 locations where the conversion can be done for you. You can choose between Canada and the Netherlands (Europe).

    The service costs USD 75.00 per lens + shipping for returning the lens(es).

    If you would like to get a quote for the service, please send an email to the location of your choice and include which lens(es) you want to have converted and the country of return shipping.

    Canada: edmikainc@gmail.com

    Europe: edmikaeurope@gmail.com


  • Do you include a lenscap?

    Since cost of production of the EdCaps exceeded the original caps and we want to keep the sales price as low as possible, we decided to end production of the caps.

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