FL 55 conversion

In the video below you can see the steps to convert the FL 55 to the new EOS mount.

7 thoughts on “FL 55 conversion”

  1. is aperture controlled via lens or camera? do i leave apeture open on lens and just choose it through the camera?

    1. It is solely controlled through the lens. Camera exposure is accomplished using stop down metering (Av mode is what I generally use).-Ed

  2. This kit is absolutely easy to place on the lens yourself – but be really careful with this second ring (A / M) which you should not take of as mentioned in the video!
    I did know but the lens slipped out of my hand and … man … this was hard precision engineering work to put it together again (beside being lucky that the lens was rolling on the table only and not crashing on the ground).
    Great conversion Kit for a great lens as long you do not act as stupid as I did. Just concentrate and its really easy to fix the adapter.
    I love it! Thanks for making it possible to use this old lenses on EF DSLRs.

    1. Yeah, it happens sometimes which is why I include the tiny ball bearing as a replacement for the one that gets lost when the ring comes off. I’ll try to make better instructions soon.-Ed

  3. Hi Ed,

    I’ve bought, installed several of your (brass) adapters on different old Canon lenses and have used with my current EOS system with great results. I’m wondering if you make an adapter to convert an FL 58mm f: 1.2 to EOS?

    1. I did develop kits for all three versions of the 58/1.2 lens (the R,FLi and FLii) but the conversion is so difficult that I didn’t launch the design into production. It takes me over an hour to do the conversion on a good day and replaces half of the helicoid with my polymer lens barrel. -Ed

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