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Dear visitor (and hopefully customer)

At the moment we are working very hard to get the new shop up and running as soon as possible. In the mean time you can always contact us via Facebook at for any questions and/or ordering conversion kits.

Thank you for understanding and we hope you visit the store in the future.

EdMika Inc.

2 thoughts on “Shop coming soon”

  1. Dear Sir

    I have a FD mount Tokina AT_X 90 2.5 lens for Canon AE-1 camera, would you please tell me can I buy a kit from you to convert it to EOS or not? my Camera is 6D, whether it is clear for the mirror.

    Many thanks

    Yaowei Wang

    1. Hi Yaowei, at the moment I only have kits that are for Canon brand lenses although I am close to finishing a kit for the first version of the Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm 3.5 Macro and I am looking at developing a kit for the Tokina 150-500mm 5.6. Its not high on my development list but if I find an inexpensive copy of a Tokina AT_X 90 2.5 in FD mount I will buy it and see if a kit is feasible. -Ed Mika

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